New HGH Image

EPI's de trabajo de HGH Protección ante las chisas de las soldaduras

In Herminio González e Hijos, S.L. We care about the safety and comfort of our workers. For this reason, we have renewed the PPE with a safer, more functional and attractive design, taking advantage of the 35th anniversary of our company.

The new uniform is a flame-retardant blue jumpsuit with high-visibility reflective bands, which provides protection to all workers against welding sparks and, at the same time, provides a more modern image.

Likewise, the footwear is a much lighter and more comfortable safety boot, which facilitates movement and agility on a daily basis.

With this change, we want our workers to feel better protected in the daily development of their work.

At HGH, safety and image come together in compliance with current regulations on occupational risk prevention. 

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