The History of Herminio González e Hijos

Herminio González e Hijos is a family business founded in 1987. Founded by Herminio González, the business built upon his more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of supports for street lighting.

This experience was furthered and enriched by the involvement of his children in the structure of the organisation and from there the name of the company was born.

Today, HGH is the leading manufacturer of poles and columns for supporting street lighting in the Spanish market, as well as an important player in the main European markets.

Start… | 1987 Columns up to 7 meters

HGH begins its production activity with the purchase of a plot of land in the P-29 Industrial Estate in the town of Collado Villalba, Madrid. 6,013 m² of land was acquired in June 1986, where a 1,200 m² industrial warehouse was built. The minimum machinery required to start manufacturing street lighting columns was installed there: a 4-meter shear, a 7-meter 400-ton folding machine, a longitudinal welding line, two accessory welding stations and a 3.2-ton overhead crane.

1988 | Columns up to 14 meters.

On March 4th 1988, an annexed plot of 2,380 m² was acquired and the existing building was also extended by another 600 square metres.

At the same time, another folding machine, just like the existing one, was installed on the line.

That same year, in 1988, they began to manufacture poles and columns up to 14 meters high in one piece.

1993 | Manufacturing from sheet metal and High Columns.

In 1993, the production area was extended by 2,400 m², in the form of two new warehouses attached to the existing one. At the same time, new processes are introduced in manufacturing, such as flattening and cutting of sheet metal from coils. This allowed for greater flexibility in manufacturing, greatly speeding up delivery times. Simultaneously, automatic longitudinal welding lines were incorporated, increasing the production of shafts and another bending line for polygonal tubes is introduced, thus allowing the company to enter the field of high lighting columns.

1998 | Galvanising Plant.

In 1998, HGH decided to close the circle and add anti-corrosion protection treatment to their production processes using hot-dip galvanising. 10,000 m² of land were acquired in the La Mata Industrial Park in the town of Guadarrama (Madrid), in which two buildings were built: one 1,000 m² building for the manufacture of outdoor lighting columns, and another 2,400 m² building where the galvanising plant is located, the final process in the manufacture of HGH poles and street lighting columns (the penultimate process should the material be lacquered).


At present, HGH maintains a firm commitment to customer focus, legal compliance, product quality and respect for the environment, with a management system certified in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 9001 standard and an “N” and “CE” approved product, with a production capacity of 6,000 Tm/month and growing.

Given the proximity to the threshold of 100% usage of our production capacity, and our international expansion, a strong investment in new technology and state-of-the-art machinery will be undertaken in the near future.