Mission | Vision

Herminio González e Hijos’ Mission

To design, manufacture and market supports for street lighting and other uses which conform to the requirements and specifications of the clients and the regulations in force.

Herminio González e Hijos’ Vision

To set the standard of quality and service in our sector, putting our knowledge and capabilities at the service of the needs of our clients and society as a whole.

Focus Factors

HGH’s staff is part of a unique project, focused on meeting and satisfying the needs, expectations and requirements of the Client and Stakeholders.

To meet our goal, we work on and promote the following factors:

  • Quality and Toughness.
  • Design and innovation.
  • Listening and empathising with customers and stakeholders.
  • Compliance with the applicable legislation in force.
  • Fast production and delivery.
  • Improvement and development of quality, environmental and occupational safety capabilities.
  • Guidance for special installations and assemblies.

Herminio González e Hijos Customer Service

The key element for knowledge, communication and measurement of the level of satisfaction.

Technical support for design, product definition and homologation.

Support for special installations and assemblies.

Attention, follow-up and response to complaints, suggestions for improvement, product modifications, etc.

At HGH we see many of our values reflected in sport, which is why we have been supporting sports teams and competitions for years.

HGH. The know-how, the manpower and the machinery necessary to manufacture all types of columns and poles for street lighting.