Herminio González e Hijos Obtains the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 Certification in Environmental Management and the Carbon Footprint Registration Certificate..

The end of 2020 has been full of very good news. Thanks to the efforts of each and every one of those who are part of the HGH team, the culture of continuous improvement and excellence in customer service, we have achieved these two certifications as a result. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made these milestones possible.

Although they are well-known certifications, only companies that maintain respect and rigor with the natural environment in their processes are worthy of obtaining them. We would like to remember what each of these certifications consist of.

The ISO 14001 certification in Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is an international standard that allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection through the management of environmental risks associated with the activity carried out. By assuming environmental responsibility, in addition to reducing the environmental impact from its activity, the commercially sustainable image of the company is projected and reinforced.

ISO 14001 assists in the identification and management of environmental risks associated with the internal processes of the activity carried out by the organization. This standard identifies requirements for effective risk management, considering prevention and environmental protection, legal compliance and socioeconomic needs.

The Carbon Footprint is a concept that refers to the amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions that we produce in the different activities we carry out. Turning on the light, traveling by car, cooling food or sending an email are activities that generate GHG, both directly and indirectly. The purpose of this calculation is not only the quantification of the GHGs that are emitted, the contribution to climate change of these activities or entities is also assessed and communicated, and above all it serves as a basis for preparing, assessing and executing actions that contribute to reducing the emissions.

We once again reiterate our gratitude to the entire HGH team.

Further information about HGH Certifications

Environmental Certificate:
ISO 14001

Certificado 14001 1

Carbon Footprint Registration Certificate