Manufacturers of Street Lighting
Poles and Columns


The know-how, the manpower and the machinery necessary to manufacture all types of columns and poles for street lighting.

About Us


Herminio González e Hijos is a family business founded in 1987. Founded by Herminio González, the business built upon his more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of supports for street lighting.

This experience was furthered and enriched by the involvement of his children in the structure of the organisation and from there the name of the company was born.

Today, HGH is the leading manufacturer of poles and columns for supporting street lighting in the Spanish market, as well as an important player in the main European markets.

INTEGRAL MANUFACTURING. From the reception of the raw material to the final delivery of the product, the entire production process is carried out entirely at our facilities.

HGH Street Lighting Poles

that adapt to any environment. From classic design to the latest creations, with a variety of accessories to meet the needs of each client.

Street Lighting Columns

that adapt to any environment. From classic design to the latest creations, with a variety of accessories to meet the needs of each client.


Traffic signals

we also manufacture columns and poles for traffic signals. All our designs have a variety of accessories to meet the needs of each client.

Designer Street Lighting Poles and Columns

we also manufacture columns and poles with elegant, daring, modern designs… a great variety of designs to give a personal touch to our streets.

High Street Lighting Columns

Herminio González e Hijos manufactures high lighting supports up to 40m high. The purpose of this type of column is to light large surfaces (parking lots, sports centres, etc.).

Accessories for Lighting Poles and Columns

Accessories are a simple and economical solution for lighting projects. When we talk about accessories, we are talking about crossarms and arms, but also spearheads and other decorative column elements.

Public Lighting Brackets

Different designs for all types of projects.

Embedment poles

Columns and poles without a base plate, buried in the ground.

Special Columns

Supports with other functions, other than public lighting, such as CCTV cameras.

Why choose HGH?

Design and engineering

Specialized technicians, with experience and mastery of the product, and the most advanced design and calculation programs.

Pole and Column Factory

One of the keys to HGH is the total management and control of the manufacturing process of the pole or column all the way up to the delivery of the final product.

Galvanising Plant

At our galvanizing plant we only use 99.995% pure, first generation zinc.

Experience and Quality

Control of quality systems and product safety. AENOR and IQNET certifications.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe in creating value by incorporating environmental, social and good corporate governance criteria into our business strategy.

50 years of experience

A family business with 50 years of experience, born from the expertise of its founder Mr. Herminio González Verderas. 

Integral Management


One of the keys to HGH Quality is that the actual thickness of the sheet used matches the nominal. We don’t play with tolerances.

Clients & Partners

Quality certificates


HGH manufactures quality products, conforming to the specifications of the international markets in which we are present.

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