Manufacturing of Poles.

One of the keys to HGH’s success is the total control and management of the manufacturing process for the pole or column all the way through to the delivery of the end-product. Additionally, the galvanisation process is carried out in our own plant. There, our products are given a corrosion protection treatment through hot dip galvanisation by immersion.

Our production equipment, installations and processes are specifically designed for the present production level, optimising space, distances and safety in a suitably-sized area for the manufactured product. We employ the state-of-the-art pole and column technology.

Our workforce is made up of highly qualified graduate engineers, and multi-skilled operatives whose functions include soldering, curving, continuous sheet metal cutting, plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, punching and specialised tasks.

In HGH, our end-product is the result of a completely integrated process which begins with reels of steel sheet. The raw materials are checked in minute detail: the delivery form for these materials is compared with the order, and the part number is checked to ensure that the amount and quality of material received is correct.

The first step in the manufacturing process consists in cutting the steel reels in sheets lengthwise and transversally in order to obtain the trapezium shapes which we need to make our products.

These trapezium shapes are then folded, soldered and straightened. Finally, the door for the terminal box is cut in the base.

Once the body of the support has been manufactured, the components are then soldered onto it.

Manufacturing of Poles and Columns

This completes the process of manufacturing straight columns in black steel (not yet galvanised) carbon steel. Curved, overhanging poles must, however, pass through the curving machine, before being sent to the warehouse where the black carbon steel finished products are stored.

The manufacturing process is supervised and certified, with checks and inspections at each phase of the process. Once the process has been completed, the finished product is stored in the warehouse until sent to be galvanised.