Galvanising Plant.

Once they have been manufactured, the poles and columns are delivered to our galvanising plant. The galvanisation process carried out here consists in immersing the poles and columns in continuous flow baths for successive processes of degreasing, pickling, pre-flux and flux. Finally, they are immersed in hot zinc for sufficient time to give them the required coating thickness.

The poles and columns are totally submerged in a bath of melted zinc at over 450 ºC, in order to give them a perfect interior and exterior coating. The zinc dip protects steel against atmospheric damage. This gives the poles great durability and, in addition, an attractive appearance that lasts well over time. At present, there is no better anti-corrosion protection than hot dip galvanisation.

Galvanising Process

In our plant, we only use first melt pure zinc (99.9% pure). We never use second melt zinc or any other components that may provide insufficient protection and encourage rapid oxidation of the zinc.

Our dip hot galvanising process has been certified, and the galvanised products comply with the UNE-EN ISO 1461:1999, UNE-EN ISO 14713: 1999 and UNE-EN-1179:1996 standards.