Engineering and Manufacturing.

HGH’s team of specialist technicians is highly experienced in this type of product and is expert in the use of the most advanced design and calculation programmes. This ensures that we can create and manufacture any type and size of pole, column or metal support while guaranteeing the quality and robustness demanded by regulation, the customer and the location in which the products are to be installed.

Process of Engineering and Manufacturing

The design process consists of three fundamental, consecutive phases:

  • 1. Conceptual. Initial consultation with the customer. An evaluation is performed to find the characteristics required in terms of aesthetic appearance, strength and adherence to applicable legislation and regulations. Sketches of possible solutions are provided for the customer.
  • 2. Basic. Plans are prepared, and then parts of the pole and/or column are adjusted through the use of simulations, functional tests and size tests. Construction of proto-types is done in this stage.
  • 3. Approval. The technical design plan is prepared and presented to the appropriate organisation for approval. The industrial version is then produced.

This process is followed by product testing, in accordance with legislation and customer requirements, and experiments and tests on the production system. A strict control plan is adhered to throughout the testing process.

Our designs are not only suitable for their purpose on site, but also always meet customer needs and comply with regulatory, aesthetic and functional requirements. HGH subjects the whole process to an exhaustive quality control system, from the design phase to delivery.