Integral Management.

HGH’s priority is to ensure that our metal poles and supports for public lighting are of a high quality; the best way to achieve this is to comply with existing rules and standards, in our case, European standards. We therefore have a Quality Department with means and engineers directed at product quality, process assurance, and continuous improvement.
In order to be certain that all our equipment complies with the required quality standards, we control all stages of the production process at HGH.

One of the keys of the Quality of our products is that the real thickness of the steel we use, matches the nominal thickness.

In addition, HGH belongs to:

ANFALUM, the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers, which has 87 manufacturers of lights (Interior, Exterior and Emergency Lighting), Light Sources, Components, Regulation and Control, and Lighting Poles, among the most typical of the whole industry in Spain, and

AECIM, the Spanish Association of Metal Enterprises of Madrid, which is an organisation representing the interests of the sector of Metal Trade, Industry and Services in the Community of Madrid. Its purpose is to defend the business development of this group and it has grown significantly since then, today representing more than 10,000 businesses and 180,000 employees within the Community of Madrid.

AMEC, the Spanish Association for Internationalized Industrial Companies. A business organisation whose members, mainly medium-sized industrial enterprises, benefit from a strong international and innovative presence. Its aim is for businesses to compete in a global market, creating a setting which allows constant competitive improvement, thereby enabling them to Internationalise and Innovate.

Raw Material Quality

For the construction of poles, HGH uses sheet metal with a thickness in the maximum-quality range, as defined in the specifications of the Standard.
In addition, suppliers are assessed from the very start of the process through continuous monitoring to ensure that they are capable and eligible. Our suppliers are assessed and subsequently selected through a testing procedure based on two fundamental criteria:

1) Quality system:

  • Implementation and compliance.
  • Certification from a third party.
  • Delivery record (quality, deadlines, price).

2) Product safety:

  • Requirements relating to safety, legislation, restricted use, toxicity or danger and the environment.
  • Compliance with specifications.
Manufacturing and Galvanising Quality

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by stability in our production processes, in which cutting-edge manufacturing methods are used. In terms of the galvanising process, our carbon steel poles include an anti-corrosion surface treatment whereby they are totally immersed in a hot-dip galvanising bath and electroplated with 99.995%-pure zinc, in accordance with the ISO 1461 Standard and the requirements established in the ISO 752 Standard. Our products are delivered with a quality certificate and undergo galvanising treatment thickness testing.

Finished Product Check

During the process, all the manufactured equipment is carefully checked in a self-testing procedure, while the final product is checked by our Quality Managers (Product Auditors) before it leaves the factory.

Delivery of the equipment
Delivery of the poles is managed in accordance with the logistical requirements specified by the client and the existing transport legislation.

Quality is our hallmark on the market and the certificates that accompany our products, CE, N, IQ, AENOR and ISO, are our stamp.

As well as our manufacturing processes complying with European quality regulations, our standard products are also certified with CE marking and with AENOR’s N mark if they are produced for Spain.  Please ask our salespeople if your desired products bear the marking that you require.

Our management system is also certified by AENOR and IQNET in accordance with the ISO 9001 Standard.

CERTIFICACIONES HGH Herminio Gonzalez Marca CE

Commitment to the Environment.

“HGH creates value not only from a financial perspective, i.e. profitability, but also by incorporating environmental and social obligations as well as good corporate governance into its business strategy. In this way, policies relating to corporate social responsibility and ethical practice are integrated, with the aim of increasing transparency and facilitating decision-making.”

From an environmental point of view, this policy is based on a series of targeted actions, which include the following:

  • Identification, segregation and treatment of waste by authorised agents in the Manufacture of Supports.
  • Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AAI) of the Galvanising Plant, which includes all the environmental and related aspects that the competent environmental authorities take into account, at both a national and a regional level.  Compliance with the Emission Limit Values (ELV) set by the AAI and based on the Best Available Techniques (BAT), as reflected in the Conclusions Documents.
  • Guarantee that no chemical additives or other materials restricted by current regulation are used throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our products comply with existing environmental regulations.”